ColorPick for Native Mobile

Color Pick: Eyedropper Tool is designed from the ground up to help you select colors from images revealing the HEX and RGB color codes for any pixel you select. The primary purpose of this informational, educational, and for entertainment. As you select colors challenge mini-games will appear to quiz you on your selections. As you advance you may unlock achievements and receive points. You may disable points and mini-games from the options screen.

Master the RGB color space and hexadecimal (base16) numbering. Develop your intuition and hone your skills. Comprehend the unique index of 16,777,216 possible colors - raw memorization is not an option - a compound way of thinking is required to succeed!

The app is an always offline app - which may be considered a feature - however you may upload your color palettes to the Internet using the built in link.

Please report any issues you find via the support URL or feedback link in the app.

You can test the latest beta version for Android by opting in to one of the following: full or basic

We may support additional platforms in the near future!
ColorPick Eyedropper
Screenshot of Color Pick with hex color #7b00ff selected, a shade of purple

You can also watch a ColorPick for Mobile video demo on youtube. Don't forget to subscribe!

You can also try the ColorPick for Mobile Web Demo thanks to the power of emscripten.
ColorPick: Eyedropper
I remember the good old days when all the colors were vibrant the hues were saturated with luminosity and I could pick all the colōrētur I ever wanted with zero consequences.

Now the world has changed, and You can't double pick the same color twice anymore this might not be such a big deal but my entire life I have double clicked to pick colors. this change has been devastating.

There are still vibrant hues out there waiting to be discovered and shared with the world; a world that has become bitter and obsessed with points... as if that even matters. The discovery of color, tantalizes.

I will bring color to the world And in doing so will strive to teach the truth. The points are not reality. That the score is not reflective. Let's find the hue you seek and set everyone free...
License Info
The native mobile phone applications are licensed separately from the desktop and extension versions. Even if you already own a license you will have to separately purchase this version of the app. We may consider allowing registration keys to unlock some features of the BASIC version in the future, but some aspects such as the icon will only be upgradeable via purchase.
ColorPick for Native Mobile On the Desktop
A little known truth is this version is actually being developed as the sole replacement for the legacy desktop apps as well. I have not yet published any official releases as such but may soon. In the meantime you have to compile it yourself with cmake. It's very similar to what you see above but next to the add color button, there is a new button that triggers pick from desktop mode. Source Code
Help and Support
Please check the documentation available on the colorpick mobile help page.