Color Pick for Mac OSX in Opperation
Color Pick for Windows in Opperation
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Color Pick is an Amazing Eye Dropper that allows precise selection of color values through it's one-of-a-kind zoomed preview!


  • Press Pick and use mouse to select colors from anywhere on any screen!
  • Zoomable Color Picker Preview for Pixel Perfect Accuracy.
  • Use arrow keys or drag preview for fine adjustment.
  • View HEX RGB and HSL color values and copy the selection with ease.
  • Convert from RGB to HEX and from HEX to RGB (windows only).
  • Color History stores previously chosen colors during each session.

Mac Requirements

  • Intel Mac OS X 10.6+

Windows Requirements


Mac - Open the .zip to unzip the .app, drag the app to your Applications folder.
PC - After installing the requirements, move colorpick.exe to the location you would like to store it. Double click to extract resources and run.